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Creating A Compelling Brand Vision

Are you starting your business to make money, or do you have a vision of making this world a better place through your work?

It’s been noticed that most business owners don’t even think about it.

If you haven’t thought of it, then it’s confirmed that you haven’t thought about the future of your business.

But you are at the right place, as here we will help you develop a brand that is built to last, which is with the help of creating a compelling brand vision.

What is a brand vision?

Did you know Henry Ford wanted to create cars that ordinary Americans can afford, that was his brand vision.

Steve Jobs wanted to “Put a ding in the universe,” that was his brand vision. In simple words, we can say that brand vision is the intention of your business. Confusion between brand vision & brand mission:

Yes, most business owners or even customers face confusion between brand vision and its mission.

So to simplify this out, the brand vision of your business lets your audience know “what’s out there?”, what your business is offering.

Hence, on the other hand, brand mission lets them know how and why of your brand vision.

The major reason because of which people get confused between brand vision and brand mission is, they are inter-connected with each other.

Your vision should be a precise statement of your company’s future, while your mission should be the action or task statement to bring your vision to reality.

How to define your brand vision?

Behind every successful and world-changing brand, there’s a robust brand vision.

If you don’t have a proper brand vision for your business, then there are chances that you may be moving from here and there to make your business grow.

Here we are going to figure out how to define and create a compelling brand vision; let’s have a look at it:

  • Make sure that your brand vision states the major reason behind you getting into this business. Not only that, with the help of your brand vision, you should be able to share your thoughts on the future of your business.

One thing that most people do wrong is adding what your business does to your brand vision. To create a precise brand vision, you should never add such information.

  • Most people create a type of brand vision that is all about them only, but whenever you create your brand vision, make sure that you are focusing on the people you are helping.

This will create a strong bond with your target customers.

  • You need to create your brand vision so that your brand vision depicts what your customers want to say about you.
  • Always try to develop a brand vision that is motivating, positive, and clearly stated. Some people add services and capabilities in their brand vision; make sure never to add such information.

Here we will talk about the most faced issue that people usually tackle while creating a brand vision for their business and that they focus on being everything to everyone. Instead, you should focus on a specific group of people through their brand vision.

Is brand vision really important for your business?

Brand vision helps you create a picture of your business about what your business will look like in the future.

Not only that, there are many more such reasons which state how important brand vision is for your business.

  1. With the help of a brand vision, you would be able to clarify the direction of your business and help everyone keep moving forward in the right direction. Some businesses are moving in the market directionless, and brand vision is one such thing that helps you get in the right direction.
  • Whenever you are working towards your brand vision, this will push the people working in your organization. In short, it offers a better sense of purpose while working with a brand vision.

In this way, the employees will see them in a better place and not just work from Monday to Friday.

  • You would be able to establish a long-term goal with the help of a precise brand vision. Moreover, your future business strategies will be completely dependent on your brand vision.
  • With the use of a brand vision, you would be able to create an organizational culture.
  • The biggest benefit of having a perfect brand vision is that you would easily attract like-minded people. In addition, customers would be able to figure out your perspective behind your brand.
  • You must have noticed that our team or we will not move on the right path when we don’t have proper goals. Hence with the help of a brand vision, you would be able to keep your team focused.
  • It reinforces positive behavior and attitude from people working in your organization.
  • Suppose you have many opportunities and are unable to decide which you should move forward with. In that case, your brand vision plays a crucial role as you can decide which opportunity resonates with your brand vision.
  • You would be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors with the help of a to-the-point brand vision.
  1. Being a business owner, you would be able to create consistency around your brand communications with the help of a compelling brand vision.

This was all about some of the importance of brand vision in your business.

Let’s check out some brand vision examples:

We have figured out what brand vision is, its importance, and how to create one for our brand.

In this section, we are going to have a look at the brand vision of various companies out there, which are as follows:

  • NASA: Advancing man’s capability to explore the heavens.
  • Charles Schwab: Helping investors help them.
  • Oceana: To make our oceans as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were.
  • The Nature Conservancy: To leave a sustainable world for future generations.
  • Microsoft: To help individuals and businesses realize their full potential.
  • Intel: To bring smart, connected devices to every person on earth.
  • Google: To provide access to the world’s information in one click.
  • Unilever: To make sustainable living commonplace.
  • Tesla: Driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles.
  • Hilton: To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.
  • Core Foods: To live in a healthy, honest, and supportive world.

Almost every big and successful brand has an impressive brand vision.

Factors of a successful brand vision:

There are a few key components with the help of which you can create a successful brand vision for your business.

Guess what?

Here we are going to discuss those key components; let’s get started:

  • Definition:

The first thing to keep in mind while creating your brand vision is its definition. Make sure that the brand vision can define the overall purpose and vision of your business.

Under this statement, you can consider what better you can bring to the world, the future plans of your business, and other such things.

  • Vision elements:

With the help of visual elements, you would be able to add textures to your brand vision. Using the brand vision element, you would be able to add important aspects of the brand line brand personality and more core vision elements that influence branding programs.

  • Dimensions:

You would have to pick up unique brand dimensions based on which you can create an amazing brand vision for your business.

  • Central theme:

You need to find the right brand essence with the help of which you can carry forward amazing internal communications for your brand. So make sure to look at your business’s central theme while creating the brand vision.

These are a few factors that will help you efficiently in creating a compelling brand vision.


Creating a compelling brand vision was never so easy, and we hope you must have got everything that we discussed here. Just make sure that you need to create such a brand vision that resonates with your products, services, and the changes you bring to the world.

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